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Why new Chrome Tab Groups feature doesn’t make me drill at all

Today I want you tell about a couple of Firefox addons wich allow you to group and organize your tabs more efficiently.

Recently, I have often read articles which enthusiastically told about a new feature that Google gurus are developing, “Tab Groups”. “It might just change the way you browse the web forever.” – they even say.

They also admit that there are several third party extensions that have offered this functionality until now, but now Google is preparing a built-in support.

Frankly, I don’t see how this function being built-in instead of being provided by a third party addon can be so revolutionary.

I confess I always have been an enthusiastic fan of Firefox: I started to use it before Chrome was born, when Google was just a search engine and Internet Explorer 6 was the most used browser in the world (😱). And I still love it so much that I use it even in my smartphone, where Firefox Preview clearly wins against the preinstalled Chrome both in terms of speed and safety. At least, this is my experience 🙂

So I just want tell you about a couple of fantastic Firefox addons which allow you to group and organize your tabs more efficiently and offer a lot of smart features.

Simple Tab Group

The first addon is called Simple Tab Groups and is available on Github too.
It’s already at version 4.5 and it is one of the “Recommended” addons, which means that it meets Firefox standards for security and performance.
Simple Tab Groups allows you to group your tabs in logical groups but differently from Chrome tab group feature, it allows not only to close a group but to reopen it when you want to switch to it (currently the Chrome feature force you to reopen closed tabs one by one if you close a group: what about if that group held ten or more tabs? And what about if you want reopen that group later on, when your session has expired?)
Obviously, you can set the addons to discard tabs when you close a group, so to save some precious RAM! And your groups will be always there, ready to be reloaded when you need them.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

If Simple Tab Group is not enough for you, Firefox offers another brilliant addon, Firefox Multi-Account Containers available on Github too.
Now at version 6.2.5, this extension, this one recommended by Mozilla too, offers much more than the option to group our tabs in logical groups marked by different colors and icons.

First, as you can read in the addon official page, “The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension lets you carve out a separate box for each of your online lives[…] it separates website storage into tab-specific Containers. Cookies downloaded by one Container are not available to other Containers.”

This means that it is possible access to the same website with 2 or more different accounts without the need to open another window or even another browser! For instance, you can access in the same Firefox window but in two different containers both your work and personal email inboxes.

Or you can access your Facebook account in one container and look for news in another container: this way you’ll prevent tracking code hosted in news websites to catch something about your social identity.

If you are a web developer like I am, you can for instance take a look at the WordPress website you are working on to see what it looks like to your visitors without being forced to logout from the dashboard: just keep the dashboard and the website tabs in two different containers and that’s all!

You can create how many containers as you need, giving them a different name and color. And you can do much more: for instance you can hide a container and then reopen it and all your tabs will be there as you left them.

And you can even set some website to be opened always in the same container: this way you’ll be able to have one container for the news, one for the social networks, one for work related tasks and switch from one to the other as you need or even keep opened them all at the same time without any risk for your privacy.

This could really change your way to browse the web!

Last but not least

I already said that Simple Tab Group and Firefox Multi-Account Containers are mutually compatible? I didn’t? Well, they are. They can work together to bring you to the next level of the browsing experience. Group and organize your tabs more efficiently with these addons and I bet you’ll be happy

So, now you: what are your thoughts? Do you stay with Chrome or do you want come to the light side? 😉

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