Firefox tabs

Group and organize your tabs more efficiently in Firefox

Why new Chrome Tab Groups feature doesn’t make me drill at all Today I want you tell about a couple of Firefox addons wich allow you to group and organize your tabs more efficiently. Recently, I have often read articles which enthusiastically told about a new feature that Google gurus […]

How to develop locally a Laravel app using Laragon

In this article I’ll show you how to develop locally a new Laravel app using Laragon. In the far 2017 I wrote an article about how to setup Laravel Homestead: the process is not as quick and easy as you can wish but following each step you can end up […]

Installing phpDocumentor

Installing phpDocumentor issues solved!

Installing phpDocumentor should be easy. At least, I read here and there in the Internet, besides of course in the official website,  that you have many options to install it, one easier of the previous one! So I was absolutely confident that in a bunch of minutes I’d have been […]