About me

Hey there! My name is Marco Gasi.

Coding is fun! I love fighting everyday with new problems and find the better solution to go ahead with my projects. I love making my code to work. And I like to help other programmers (and especially the novices, who can be often embarassed in the tons of different answers they can find to the same question).

So I have decided, besides actively participating in Q&A webistes as Experts-Exchange, to devote some my time to this my personal blog. Here I want to share with you what I daily learn from my experience, publishing the solutions I find to small (and less small) problems I find during my working day as freelancer web developer.

I want to be clear: I am not an “expert”. There are tons of super-skilled guys out there who can be called “experts”, “gurus”, “wizards” and so on.So you won’t find in this blog some genial solutions to overcomplicated technical problems: I’m just too ignorant to give you that.

After all, I’m just a learner. And many times I see that, trying to learn something, I have to spend a lot of time to find, organize and merge informations form several blogs, websites, wikies and docs.

So, what you’ll find in my small articles? Sometimes, it will be just the summary of all the helpful informations I have found on the web merged in a unique post so you’ll can save a bit of time and effort searching for them by yourself; other times I’ll reveal you a little trick that helped me to get the job done and that is not mentioned in any article or tutorial I’ve been able to find in the Internet. Other times again you’ll just find the article I would have liked to find when I was trying to learn that specific argument; or a tecnique which is useful to know and I want to share.

Nothing special, so, but maybe something helpful: form a learner to learners 🙂

Have fun!!!